20 years’ experience supporting the aged care industry means that you will not find another IT team who understands your business as extensively as we do.outsourced IT professionals we can consistently work as Part of YOUR Team.

When the aged care accreditation agency arrives at your care home, our team will reprioritise the schedule and be readily available to provide support to you and your team. An agency visit, while very important, can be a stressful and anxious time for everyone involved and we will do what we can to make the process easier.

Keeping up to date with technological advancements which support aged care homes implement and comply with ever-changing legislation, standards and increasing customer expectations is part of our service. 

Our commitment to understanding the aged care industry means we:

  • attend aged care conferences and committees,
  • have memberships with key industry bodies,
  • invest time in developing and maintaining relationships with external service providers, and
  • partner with several companies, such as Autumn Care, icare, Manad, Trimicro, ACF, Swift TV Streaming.

Research tells us that employees who work in the aged care industry are passionate about providing the highest standards of nursing care to residents. Residents are always the first priority; keeping up to date with computers and technology changes are not the top of any nurses list and nor should it be! Our team understands this, and continuously work to support and accommodate everybody no matter their level of computer literacy. 

Part of our role is going into the care homes to provide IT support, implement new software or replace or upgrade servers! Our team are all trained to respect the care home as the resident’s home and not as our workplace – ensuring that our team are sensitive to residents and employees and adapt accordingly.

Our proudest achievement within the aged care industry was working with NewDirection Care and introducing a world first residential aged care community.

A major element to the success of the community is the leading-edge custom technology designed to ensure residents have freedom of movement and safety as they go about their day. From an IT perspective, our team project managed several other technology companies to design, implement and integrate CCTV, bed sensors, passive movement monitoring, a site wifi map, and vocera wireless communications to enable passive monitoring of residents.  

See how we can help you with our affordable, flexible and reliable support options. Please contact us to discuss our support, maintenance and consultation rates.